Salutations, web surfer.

My name's Val, though sometimes I may go by Vee, or Veezle... er... whatever. I'm just but an amatuer who wants to learn more about coding and software design. I'm hoping to eventually get there as a field of profession. I also love creating artwork, both traditional and digital (but mostly doing digital at the moment). I have a great fascination with processes of development behind video games and similar forms of software, as well as with the histories of softwares and electronics.
I made this website here simply because I wanted to have a place on the 'net that feels like my own where I can share my creations as well as other stuff I like. I've gotten pretty sick of the plague of social media on the internet and wanted something where I feel more free to express myself and my creativity. Plus, it's a nice way to learn some basics of web design if I'll ever need that for anything else someday.

Other places to find me online:
Twitter (rarely active)
DeviantArt (no longer active)